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Zion 1: Hiking the Narrows, Free Pizza, Jeana Makes More Friends

The morning we left for Zion, Jeana and I packed our things then wandered over to Steve and Sue’s plot. Steve zoomed around the RV, carrying things, dissembling things, securing things, all the time reciting a growing to-do list. It … Continue reading

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Bryce Canyon: Hoodoos, RV Grandparents, Dreaded Sunrises

Biking into Bryce had its difficulties. The morning of, we left our overlook campsite at dawn, biking downhill through the valley’s morning cold and then uphill, once again, into the park. At the entrance booth, I had a heated argumentwith … Continue reading

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Road to Bryce Canyon: Failed Hitch Hiking; Dangerous Roosters

The morning we left Capitol Reef, Jeana and I tried getting a ride out of the park in order to avoid an eleven mile climb and save our energy for a twenty-five mile uphill that afternoon. Following Rule of the … Continue reading

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Hello, Again

Greetings everyone! As you may have heard, I’m home! I made it safely back to Virginia mid-December just before Christmas. Riding down my driveway, seeing my house all done up in lights, with four months, 4,000 + miles, and eleven … Continue reading

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