Here is a blog about my volunteer year in Washington State. Its about how I got here, what I’m doing, and where I’m going.


6 Responses to About

  1. Bianca Fernandez says:

    I have loved keeping up with your adventures! You are probably a much changed man…

    We here up at the trailer continue to listen to the record player (at least I do haha) and receive Smithsonian magazines bearing your name.

    I also have a couple letters addressed to you that may or may not be important. I didn’t know how else to get in contact with you. Could you send me your email so I can scan and send some of these items to you?

  2. chelsealb66 says:

    Hi there! I am actually from Omak and I actually found your blog by accident and I started reading about your journey and it just awesome!! I have only read up to day 40 and missoula but I plan on catching up and I have now subscribed!! 🙂

  3. chelsealb66 says:

    Oops i should rephrase that… I am originally from omak… I actually moved away in 2007 and now live in oregon. My bad haha.

  4. Wendyw says:

    I started a 3000 mile solo bike trip cross country and made it 50 miles. Out of shape. I did TWO cross country trips, alone, on the dog bus when i went to work in Yellowstone park.highlight? Being stranded without car or bike and having the yellowstone hotel tell me shuttle bus is not for employees. I put hand on counter “there.. IM Not an employee anymore. Now im a customer”.That bus is a great punishment for people. Anyone want to read my memoirs “wendy wyoming?”

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